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One Highly Esthetic Block - Two Processing Options

CELTRA® DUO can be processed in two ways, and it’s always up to the clinician to decide which solution is appropriate for the case at hand.

CELTRA® DUO puts the control back in your hands. Developed specifically for CEREC dentists, CELTRA® DUO is indicated for single unit posterior and anterior crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers.
Mill & Polish: Polishing Technique
Milled restorations have a flexural strength of 210 MPa after polishing.
After the restoration has been milled, start with a diamond:
Use a fine grit diamond in a friction grip slow speed handpiece ONLY to remove the excess from the mill. An electric handpiece is more effective than one that is air driven.
Run the handpiece at a low speed (max. 15,000 RPM). Avoid a high-speed handpiece because it will create excessive heat and trauma to the ceramic.
Next, use a rubber porcelain polisher, as follows:
Use a medium grit rubber wheel of your choice.
For the occlusal surface, use a point shape. An electric handpiece should run at 10,000 RPM to a maximum of 15,000 RPM, with only light pressure. Electric handpieces have constant torque even at a slow speed, so they are more effective than air driven handpieces. Begin the process with the medium shine wheel.
Next, use a fine grit rubber wheel and/or point shape with the same technique described in Step 2.
Finish with a fine grit rubber wheel.
For an effective high shine, use polishing paste. Polishing paste should be used with a bristle brush wheel in a slow speed latch handpiece. This is very effective for polishing grooves in the posterior anatomy.
Mill & Fire:Characterization and Firing Technique
Fired restorations have a strength of 370 MPa.
After the restoration has been milled, prep it for staining and firing as follows:
Before applying the stain and overglaze material, remove all dirt and grease from the restoration.
Mix overglaze in jar thoroughly with a spatula if separation is seen.
Remove desired amount of CELTRA® DUO overglaze paste from jar to tray.
If a different consistency is desired, adjust the consistency by diluting the material with Stain and Glaze liquid.
Apply a thin layer of the overglaze material all over the crown surfaces using a staining brush. Make sure not to apply the overglaze material either in too thick or too thin of a layer. A thin layer will result in a matte finish. A thick layer can result in puddling or pooling of the stain.
If customization is needed, take a little of the corresponding body and incisal stains and position it on the tray.
Dilute if needed and apply the crown.
To stabilize and support anterior and bicuspid frameworks, use Super Peg II firing paste and a looped pin to prevent unit from falling. NOTE: Use firing paste sparingly! Use just enough to secure the restoration to the pin.
Position crowns directly on the ceramic honeycomb tray or firing cotton and fire according to the firing instructions. DOWNLOAD the CELTRA® DUO Firing Schedules: CS/CS2 oven or Non Ivoclar oven
After the first firing, if the consistency of the overglaze was too thin, the restoration may come out under-glazed. If that is the case, apply a thin layer of CELTRA® overglaze material all over the crown surface using a brush. Once the overglaze is applied, conduct firing procedure according to the CELTRA® DUO Firing Schedules. DOWNLOAD the CELTRA® DUO Firing Schedules: CS/CS2 oven or Non Ivoclar oven
Dos and Don'ts
  • Always position the crowns on a ceramic honeycomb tray. As an alternative option, a firing pad can be used.
    Note: to decrease/eliminate the imprint that the firing pad may leave on the restoration, use a metal mesh firing pad.
  • If you use metal pins to support the CELTRA® DUO restoration, use a loop pin with Super Peg II to prevent the unit from falling and fracturing.
  • Always use the exact manufacturing firing instructions. DOWNLOAD the CELTRA® DUO Firing Schedules: CS/CS2 oven or Non Ivoclar oven
  • If you must use a refractory material, use Super Peg II.
  • Restorations must cool on tray for 2 minutes post firing.
  • Do not add thinner inside the overglaze jar; always place it on the tray/glass slab in order to dilute to the right consistency.
  • Do not use water to clean the brush. Water should never be incorporated in any stains or glaze. Use thinner to clean the brush between different shades.
  • Don't accelerate cool down, and be sure to use Super Peg II, not Object Fix®.
Instructional Videos
CELTRA® DUO (ZLS) Instructional Videos

The word “DUO” in the name CELTRA® DUO refers to the material’s unique capability to be processed in either of two ways: “mill and fire” or “mill and polish.” It’s always up to the clinician to decide which route to take. No matter which pathway you choose to process CELTRA DUO, we have created this instructional video to help you achieve optimal restorative outcomes with every case.


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Celtra® DUO Starter Kit
SKU - 039-0799
$369 / kit
2 - 4 Pack Celtra® DUO Blocks C14 (A2LT & A3LT)
1 - 6 piece Celtra® Firing Pin Set
1 - 4 Pack Flexible Firing Tray and Liner
1 - 10ml syringe SuperPeg II Refractory Material
1 - .5oz (15ml) Celtra® Univ Stain & Glaze Liquid
1 - .18oz (5gr) Celtra® Univ Overglaze
8 - IdentCeram Certificate Labels
1 - Magic Stain Brush
1 - Guidelines for Processing Celtra® DUO
Celtra® DUO Block Refills
4 blocks per box
$117.97 / box
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Celtra® Universal Stains and Glaze
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Celtra® DUO Stain and Glaze Kit
SKU - 039-0807
$250 / kit
1 - .18oz (5gr) jar Body Stain 1
1 - .18oz (5gr) jar Body Stain 2
1 - .18oz (5gr) jar Body Stain 3
1 - .18oz (5gr) jar Body Stain 4
1 - .18oz (5gr) jar Enamel Stain i1
1 - .5oz (15ml) Celtra® Univ Stain & Glaze Liquid
1 - .18oz (5gr) jar Celtra® Univ Overglaze
1 - 4 Pack Flexible Firing Tray and Liner
1 - Magic Stain Brush
1 - 6 piece Celtra® Firing Pin Set
3 - Stains (i2, olive, and sunset)
Celtra® DUO Correction Porcelain
SKU - xxx-xxxx
1 - 15g Celtra® DUO Correction Porcelain
This natural/non-opal porcelain is used for building up contacts or corrections on full contour Celtra® Duo restorations in order to improve fit.
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